Become a Contributor

Whether you want to use your free time, or would like to work professionally with us, don't hesitate to apply if you can answer the next two questions affirmatively.

  • Do you want to optimise world-improvement?

We are serious about trying to do so and if you join us, everyone you work with will be smart, dedicated, and hardworking.

  • Do you want to work with people who are intellectually more humble than our answers suggest?

We do, too. We can't pay as much as the private sector, but you'll do a ton more, with better people, more autonomy, and for a better cause.

Click here to get a glimpse of what EA Geneva is like. 


Here’s what we can offer:

A unique environment

We’re serious about truth-seeking. We believe it’s the only way to sustainably do good. We aspire to become a little better each day. As a result of these collective aspirations, many of us report gains in happiness, ambition, motivation and effectiveness. Our co-working space allows you to fully tap into that energy.

A community

Seeking truth and improvements can be tough. We know this just as well as you do. That is why we value our community above anything else. Psychological safety and emotional intelligence are not just buzzwords to us, they are the pillars to thrive. We have a buddy system to support each other; we party, we discuss, we cook, we read together; and we leave each other alone when needed.


To further build our skill sets, we organise internal training sessions at least four times a year. In addition to that, we have collected our favourite documents, articles, links, e- and audio-books, and other useful material that you will get access to. If you like physical objects, we’ll also throw in a copy of Doing Good Better and an Effective Altruism t-shirt. Further, our network will help you get to the next level of your own world-improvement path, whether that’s in Geneva, Oxford, Berkeley, or Hong Kong.

What we expect:

  • Have the same goals
  • Dedicate at least two hours per week to EA Geneva work
  • Attend one meeting per month, in person or via call


How we work

We’re need a highly efficient management system that allows a lot of freedom while simultaneously ensuring optimal coordination. We’re designing a structure to allow for individuals and groups to take initiative and move fast while keeping things coordinated through clarity and openness instead of command-only. In addition to this structure, we use a platform called podio to organise our work transparently and centralise internal communication.

Anyone working in EA Geneva can take on any combination of roles. Our roles are small sets of tasks that ought to be executed by a single person. E.g. someone can be the “strategist” in one working group and the “photographer” in another, if time allows. We believe that reducing people to one single title is rarely optimal and hope to allow people to find their optimal fit this way.

To clarify the fundamentals and values of EA Geneva, we have set up living documents that will evolve along with the organisation. You can start discovering these documents via our constitutional draft here. It is thought to keep together all other documents linked to our governance, work, and ideas, in addition to clarify our recurrent terminology.

To get a good sense of what this means concretely, let’s have a look at the meeting structure and the different groups involved in all of this.

  • Annual general assemblies: open to all
  • Bi-annual board meetings: group of seven elected by GA as representation (term length TBD); approves strategic plans, hiring decisions, financial plans.
  • Monthly strategy meetings: main contributors adapt tactics to guarantee the continuous pursuit of the goals set in board meetings
  • Weekly tactical meetings: meetings in designated groups with everyone involved to free up roadblocks and ensure task and project execution
  • Issue specific meetings: whenever needed, with all necessary parties and mediator
  • Annual advisory board meetings: informal meeting to foster exchange (otherwise, advisors are reached out to when need arises)

To make meetings as useful and goal-driven as possible, every meeting has an open agenda, a facilitator, a secretary, and formal start and end points.



Activity Overview


  • Raising awareness of the existence of the Effective Altruism movement (EA)

    • Locally representing the EA movement

    • Diffusing and adapting “EA” knowledge

  • Educating about EA's philosophy and methodology

    • Introduction to EA seminar

    • Career planning Seminar

    • Other projects TBA

  • Providing consulting services

    • Building up a consulting service

  • Researching, uniting, and developing expertise

    • Geneva Macro Labs

    • Research and building a network

    • Creation of a Centre for Prioritisation

  • Building a community thriving on honest exchange and personal development

    • Community Hub

    • Student clubs

    • Philanthropy group

    • Policy group

    • Self-improvement group

  • Optimising EA Geneva's utility

    • Governance

    • Human Resources

    • Fundraising

    • Partnerships

    • Communications & Marketing

    • Finance

    • Movement coordination

    • Operations

    • Evaluation & Optimisation

      • Impact survey

      • Internal evaluation

      • Evaluation utilisation