About EA Geneva

Here, we outline what it means to us in practice, to be part of the Effective Altruism movement (EA).

EA is all about maximising our positive impact through evidence and reason. Its philosophy can be summarised in one question: “How can we use our limited resources to do the most good?”

EA Geneva coordinates and promotes EA in the Lake Geneva region. We focus on

  1. helping altruistically motivated people to optimise and coordinate their efforts,
  2. maximising the effect of philanthropic activity through strategy consulting, and
  3. figuring out how to optimise policy-making to more effectively improve the world.


We’re motivated by the vision of a day when every person’s needs are met and each of us is empowered to shape our own life.


To foster a growing community of aspiring effective altruists working to anchor evidence- and reason-based approaches for world-improvement in Geneva and beyond.


Global Empathy

We believe that every human animal has equal intrinsic value. Moreover, we believe that other animals’ lives have value, too.


We strive to create the best possible outcomes. As our resources are limited, effectiveness is key to do as much as possible. This does not say “the ends justify the means”, however: immoral methods tend to have uncontrollable side effects. As it is hard to strike the balance, we take evidence- and reason-based action and critically evaluate results.


There are four important aspects to our openness:

  • Cause-neutrality: Instead of starting with a predefined set of focus areas, we are working to support anyone who reasonably strives to do the most good.
  • Transparency: We believe we can have a greater impact by documenting and sharing our work, reasoning, results, challenges, and mistakes.
  • Intellectual humility: As our insights are unlikely to be superior, we make conscious efforts to consider any well-reasoned argument in our decision-making.
  • Focus on collaboration: We think that great results come from groups with a thoughtful working culture and are continuously building such an environment.

Further Info:

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