Get in touch to join an activity, group or your discuss ideas:

Our staff curates, supports, and coordinates all local activities to allow aspiring effective altruists to enjoy a vibrant and tight-knit local network without the need for everyone to contribute to the association itself.

Beyond attending our public events, there are three ways to get involved:

  1. Join a special-interest group or suggest a new activity

  2. Meet our staff to discuss your giving or career plans

  3. Support our work by formally joining the association or donating

You can find all existing special interest groups in the menu to the left.

Everyone involved is asked to join our community database and community discussion server. The database is curated by our staff to match you with others who share an interest of yours; could provide you with useful resources; or whom you might be able to help advance. The community discussion server is on mattermost, an open-source Slack clone; with various channels to exchange and coordinate with other members.