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Our recurrent events


Introduction to effective altruism

These 4-hour workshops allow you to explore the core ideas behind the term ‘Effective Altruism’ and the community that has developed around them. Participating in an intro workshop will give you access to our advanced workshop, community activities, working groups, and discussion dinners. They are free and open to anyone.

Themed Socials

Our themed social meetups are fueled by the community. They usually take place at Foound (Rue Jean-Gutenberg 2) and start at 7 pm with a short presentation by one of our community members. At 8 pm, we break up the setting to socialize and discuss openly in a more relaxed setting with a drink.

Have something you’d like to share or discuss with the local community? Get in touch!



Advanced Workshop for aspiring Effective altruists

Our advanced workshop dives into the assumptions underlying everyone’s actions. This 1-day program is focused on discussing issues in decision-making, epistemology, (meta-)ethics, human coordination, and communication. It is designed to help you understand the most recent discussions in the EA community and allow you to start actively contributing to its further development. They are free and open to anyone who knows our intro workshop curriculum.



Impressions from our past events