Themed meetups

We regularly organize themed meetups where community members present a topic of their interest - usually something they are working on or have thought about in-depth.

We start out with a presentation and then have discussions over drinks.

We’re always looking for contributions that are related to making the world a better place. We’re especially interested in the reasoning and evidence backing up a topic to understand whether it should be higher or lower on our priority list.

If you think you might have an interesting contribution to make, don’t hesitate, get in touch!

Past topics include:

  • Evidence-based policy - a WHO case study

  • The fundamentals of biology

  • Understanding how China works and its role in Climate Change and AI

  • Fermi estimates

  • Existential risk reduction - the missing SDG?

  • The pleasure to give (aka the warm glow effect)

  • Possible pathways to improve policy-making

  • How to do humanitarian work right?

  • How doctors could do much more good

  • Rationality: a danger to our emotions?

  • Is Effective Altruism too demanding?