We can only grow and be more successful in helping others thanks to people like you. To learn and grow more, we are looking for motivated individuals to enrich our projects. It would be our pleasure to help you find your place in our community.


From research to event management, you can actively contribute to our different projects by committing to two hours or more per week over at least one year.

As a student in Geneva, you can join our student group to learn about EA, plan your high-impact career and invite others to join.

For people with an interest in research, we offer the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team conducting research on how to optimise policymaking. If you have a strategic vision on how global issues could be tackled more effectively and resources could be allocated more wisely, talk to us!

If you have several weeks or months of your time to contribute, we can offer internships.


Your insights and network could help us refine our plans for the future and find new collaboration partners. We are interested in developing more ties with academia, research institutes, philanthropists and the policy sector. Thank you for helping us gain visibility and strength!


Strong partnerships with foundations and individuals who share our mission are of great value to us. If you know grant-makers whose profile we fit, we would be happy to connect. If you personally want to support us, big and small donations are very welcome to contribute to our capacity-building. We guarantee that you will be supporting a transparent, learning and evolving organisation, which can have a much larger impact together with you.


Here’s what we can offer:

A unique environment

We’re serious about understanding baseline reality. We believe it’s the only way to do good sustainably. We aspire to become a little better at it each day. As a result of these collective aspirations, many of us report gains in happiness, ambition, motivation and effectiveness. Our co-working space allows you to fully tap into that energy.

A community

Seeking truth and improvements can be tough. We know this just as well as you do. That is why we value our community above anything else. Psychological safety and emotional intelligence are not just buzzwords to us, they are the pillars to thrive. We have a buddy system to support each other; we party, we discuss, we cook, we read together; and we leave each other alone when needed.

Learning & Advancement

To further build our skill sets, we organise internal training sessions at least four times a year. In addition to that, we have collected our favourite documents, articles, links, e- and audio-books, and other useful material that you will get access to. If you like physical objects, we’ll also throw in a copy of Doing Good Better and an Effective Altruism t-shirt. Further, our network will help you get to the next level of your own world-improvement path, whether that’s in Geneva, Oxford, Berkeley, or Hong Kong.

What we expect:

  • Have the same goals
  • Dedicate at least two hours per week for a year to EA Geneva work
  • Attend one meeting per month, in person or via call