August 2019 - Monthly Review

August 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in the last month

  • All team members went on vacation for 10+ days

  • 4th August: EA readings discussion

  • 9th August: themed meetup 'Neuroscience, quo vadis?'

  • 11th August: community coworking

  • 17th August: community BBQ

  • 10 career advice sessions

  • 10 community 1-on-1s

  • Finished financial management systems improvements with a consultant

  • Overhauled intro workshop

  • Successfully applied to grant for new employee

June 2019 - Monthly Review

June 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in June

- 3rd June: effective giving series meetup 1/3

- 4th June: applied rationality meetup

- 6th June: EA Lausanne BBQ

- 7th June: themed meetup on "empathy and compassion"

- 15th June: secular meditation morning

- 17th June: effective giving series meetup 2/3

- 18th June: quarterly EA Switzerland group organizers meeting

- 23rd June: facilitated community co-working

- 27th June: LessWrong meetup

- Visits from 3 local group organizers from Switzerland, Belgium and Germany

- 8 career advice sessions

- Wrote up a first draft of a speaker guide for our intro workshop

May 2019 - Monthly Review

May 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in May

- May 7th: applied rationality practice

- May 9th: collective intelligence training

- May 11th: intro to EA day with the Swiss Study Foundation

- May 17th: themed meetup on WHO's approach to evidence-based policy-making with Olympe Peretz

- May 18th: applied rationality workshop

- May 23rd: LessWrong meetup

- May 25th: community hike

- May 26th: community co-working

- May 27th: dinner discussion on energy innovation research

- May 28th: collective A/B/Z career plan development

- May 30th: professionals' dinner on education

- Launch of three summer internships / research / co-working visits

- Monthly event newsletter

- Monthly board update

- Partnership with Impact Hub

- 3 career advice sessions

- Wrote up documentation for our intro workshop to share with other groups

- effectivealtruismswitzerland.org and eageneva.org updates

April 2019 - Monthly Review

April 2019 - Monthly Review


- April 4th, professionals dinner on political engagement

- April 6th, intro workshop

- April 9th, applied rationality practice

- April 13th, quarterly EA Switzerland leaders meeting in Bern

- April 13th, intro workshop in Bern

- April 14th, EA Lausanne and Swiss Study Foundation EA day working session

- April 18th, LessWrong meetup discussing the start of the rationality sequences

- April 26th, meetup with 17 people on fundamentals of biology

- April 27th, advanced workshop

- April 28th, community hike

- April 28th, get shit done coworking

- First run through our community networking database resulted in

- A half-day no-nonsense intro to meditation event

- Many new discussion channels on mattermost

- Career planning mentor & mentee pairing

- More event ideas for the near future

March 2019 - Monthly Review

March 2019 - Monthly Review


- Global Catastrophic Risk Governance working session resulted in a collaboration on a design proposal for an Intergovernmental Panel on Artificial Intelligence between two scholars from University St Gallen and the Graduate Institute Geneva

- Successful launch of a LessWrong group with a few new faces and much motivation for further activities to learn more about epistemic rationality

- Applied Rationality training series completion with successful launch of bi-weekly practice meetups

- Submitted a grant evaluation and proposal to CEA for our Community Building Grant

- We got accepted into Foundation "Compétences Bénévoles"'s support program, to receive professional training in Accounting, HR and more

- Updated our intro to EA workshop and shortened it to suit a 4 hour format

- Community visit to the Genevan Kyudo Dojo

- First 2019 board of directors meeting where we decided on the board-staff modus operandi for the next two years

- Reevaluated our community building strategy and implemented first steps towards more targeted career coaching and project development

- Attended a training offered by the Canton of Geneva on the Swiss professional risk prevention system

- Held an extraordinary evening intro to EA session to make up for the cancelled into workshop

- Finished the effectivealtruismswitzerland.org website

- Attended and contributed to the Center For Applied Rationality rEUnion in Czechia & visited the EA group in Prague to explore collaborations

- Themed meetup on China's political economy and role in global governance

February 2019 - Monthly Review

February 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in February

  • A professionals' "Jefferson" dinner on "far future versus present day impact" with 14 participants

  • Applied rationality group launch with 12 participants from our core community

  • Themed meetup on the YouTube recommender system with ~25 participants

  • An advanced workshop with 7 participants

  • Launched a Global Catastrophic Risk Governance group with 5 master's students from the Graduate Institute

  • Career coached four people

  • Strategy event with EA Lausanne, successfully set up their semester's program and intro workshop

  • Published updated version of the Tactical Models for Improving Policy-Making on our blog

  • Launched our community networking database

January 2019 - Monthly Review

January 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in January

  • [EA Forum post on tactical models to improve public policy-making](https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/bzu88GRy2jjxCQDC9/tactical-models-to-improve-institutional-decision-making)

  • The Good Growth Co, a project co-founded by community member Oliver Bramford, got an EA grant to support the Center for Human-aligned AI in Berkeley

  • Henrik Aslund, AI safety researcher at the EPFL and EA Lausanne cofounder, is leaving us to work with the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford for six months

  • We held our General Assembly ([minutes here](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XIJ-A9-Oh_fn3Kl6xFx63AFhN7wyxX-a/view)) and elected a new board of directors - Prof. Dr. Samia Hurst replacing Olympe Peretz who is moving away this year

  • Updated this website with the "incubation", "get involved" sections and edits to other parts

  • Published our [event planning for the first half of 2019](http://eageneva.org/events/)

  • Ran an EA Switzerland meeting in Bern together with EA Lausanne, Bern, and Zurich - currently designing a common website to support smaller groups in starting out

  • Ran a well-received workshop for the Constructive Institute

  • Hosted an impressively successful "Fermi Quiz Night" as themed social at Foound

  • Ran the first session of our new applied rationality group with success - public sessions starting in April

  • Announced the launch of our Global Catastrophic Risk Governance Group on February 21st

  • Had promising strategy meetings with EA Lausanne, the EAE at UniGe, and a potential student initiative at the IHEID

  • Wrote up [our annual report for 2018 and our plans for 2019](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eKqZCM2MuMBX_81sLRylqyXSnUz29cg-/view)

November 2018 - Monthly Review: Community, Optimization, and Research

November 2018 - Monthly Review: Community, Optimization, and Research

Output in November

  • Themed meetup on 'global states of consciousness' with Michael Schartner (2nd)

  • Advanced EA workshop (10th)

  • Themed meetup on 'existential risk reduction: the missing SDG?' with Oliver Bramford (12th)

  • Intro workshop on 'Meditation & Action' together with Ressource Mindfulness (17th)

  • Introduction to EA workshop (24th)

  • Themed meetup on 'unconditional basic income research' with Cameron Schmidt (30th)

  • Submitted our conceptual agent based model of policy-making to the Journal of Complexity, Governance and Networks

  • Set up an event page on the website

  • Set up a 'donate' function on the website (via Stripe)-The student group at UniGe now has doubled in its core member size (6), partly due to our support

  • 12 career coachings

October 2018 - monthly review: workshops, writing, EA global

October 2018 - monthly review: workshops, writing, EA global


  • A three pager on policy work with lots of links to further documents we're developing

  • A post on complexity science for social sciences

  • EA Global London conference: presentation of our current work & lots of meetings to develop policy work

  • Attended & contributed to the EAE’s intro to seminar at UniGe

  • Meetup on "The pleasure to give - the warm glow effect" with Emma Tieffenbach

  • Intro workshop @ IHEID

  • Intro workshop @ C4SI

  • Meetup on "Predictive computing and the Bayesian brain" with Luigi Acerbi

  • Career seminar @ EPFL to help get their group started

  • Lots of career coaching sessions & community meetings, plus followups