March 2019 - Monthly Review


  • Global Catastrophic Risk Governance working session resulted in a collaboration on a design proposal for an Intergovernmental Panel on Artificial Intelligence between two scholars from University St Gallen and the Graduate Institute Geneva
  • Successful launch of a LessWrong group with a few new faces and much motivation for further activities to learn more about epistemic rationality
  • Applied Rationality training series completion with successful launch of bi-weekly practice meetups
  • Submitted a grant evaluation and proposal to CEA for our Community Building Grant
  • We got accepted into Foundation "Compétences Bénévoles"'s support program, to receive professional training in Accounting, HR and more
  • Updated our intro to EA workshop and shortened it to suit a 4 hour format
  • Community visit to the Genevan Kyudo Dojo
  • First 2019 board of directors meeting where we decided on the board-staff modus operandi for the next two years
  • Reevaluated our community building strategy and implemented first steps towards more targeted career coaching and project development
  • Attended a training offered by the Canton of Geneva on the Swiss professional risk prevention system
  • Held an extraordinary evening intro to EA session to make up for the cancelled into workshop
  • Finished the website
  • Attended and contributed to the Center For Applied Rationality rEUnion in Czechia & visited the EA group in Prague to explore collaborations
  • Themed meetup on China's political economy and role in global governance


  • Professionals dinner, April 4th
  • Introduction workshop, April 6th
  • Applied Rationality practice, April 9th
  • Intro workshop (Bern), 13th
  • LessWrong meetup, April 18th
  • Themed meetup, April 26th
  • Advanced workshop, April 27th


  • Received a grant to publish the research proposal
  • Got the computational ABM paper accepted to the IC2S2 conference
  • Further expert interviews
  • Making good progress on Part I (out of III) for the Research Agenda
  • Further programmed Agent-Based-Model of policy-making
  • Advanced on possible ABM case study with Swiss government
  • Slow progress on prioritization in policy-making paper
  • Deep dives into literatures on lobbyism and organizational management
  • Set up a summer research internship position for a promising undergrad researcher
  • Presented modelling approach at WHO
  • Making progress on planning the spinning off (from EA Geneva) of the policy work


  • We're progressing well on the EA day with the Swiss Study Foundation at the Impact Hub Geneva, sign ups are rolling in
  • We cancelled our intro and advanced workshops in March due to a low amount of sign-ups only to realize that it would have needed only slightly more promotion to hit our sign-up threshold
  • We've made considerable progress on the effectiveness of our team communication and meetings thanks to Teryk's training
  • We're continuously working on a "Foundations" document that attempts to detail out the fundamental assumptions underlying our team's reasoning
  • As always, some administrational work for HR & insurance related matters
  • Various event management related tasks from catering, to room bookings, to communications
  • We're discussing top level strategy with CEA in an effort to launch long-term strategic planning beyond the global level CEA tries to operate on
  • We successfully passed on all of Max' responsibilities to current staff to allow him to fulfill his civil service duties at the Geneva Science Policy Interface
  • Pushed the use of our mattermost server to centralize community communication on one platform
  • Launch of collective intelligence trainings by Teryk Bellahsene for our core contributors - first set showed almost immediate improvements upon implementation
  • Planning to onboard part-time community builders and staff; to be able to hire contractors; and to pay out honorariums to contributors