June 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in June

  • 3rd June: effective giving series meetup 1/3
  • 4th June: applied rationality meetup
  • 6th June: EA Lausanne BBQ
  • 7th June: themed meetup "empathy and compassion"
  • 15th June: secular meditation morning
  • 17th June: effective giving series meetup 2/3
  • 18th June: quarterly EA Switzerland group organizers meeting
  • 23rd June: facilitated community co-working
  • 27th June: LessWrong meetup
  • Visits from 3 local group organizers from Switzerland, Belgium and Germany
  • 8 career advice sessions
  • Wrote up a first draft of a speaker guide for our intro workshop

Upcoming in July

  • 1st July: effective giving series meetup 3/3
  • 6th July: intro to effective altruism workshop
  • 9th July: applied rationality meetup
  • 11th July: community summer BBQ
  • 28th July: facilitated community co-working
  • Summer break and vacations

Policy research

  • Sent in a grant proposal to the Global Challenges Foundation (rejected)
  • Finished 1/3 of the research agenda on "improving decision-making in policy-making"
  • Confirmation of 1 summer internship on mathematical modelling of policy-systems
  • Development of a potential academic collaboration
  • Development of a research organization to further the work outlined in the research agenda
  • Development of a potential partnership with Czech Priorities
  • Acquisition and conduction of 4 further expert interviews for the research agenda
  • Preparation for publication of first two computational models at conferences in Amsterdam and Zurich
  • Writing a piece on "policy as a cause-area"


  • Start of 1 summer internship to build up EA Lausanne
  • Received professional consulting on account practices
  • 11 coordination calls with other EA organizers
  • Development of Impact Hub Geneva & Lausanne partnership
  • Started searching for new office and housing space, as current lease will run out early 2020
  • The policy research leads and EA Geneva staff have been developing a mid-term strategy together and will finalize it on a retreat in July
  • Nora continued her CFAR instructor training in Prague and Berkeley
  • Nora attended the EA Global conference in San Francisco and met with various people active in the global network to connect and receive input
  • Sent in two grant proposals to local foundations to explore new funding sources
  • Updated effectivealtruism.ch and eageneva.org websites
  • Development of a community health role
  • Raising funding for EA Global London travel support for students
  • Maintaining our community chat server, CRM, social media and public newsletter list
  • Fostering community networking through member profile matching
  • Advising volunteers on project development and strategy
  • Planning events for the second half of 2019
  • Development of EA Switzerland strategy