July 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in July

  • 1st July: effective giving series meetup 3/3

  • 6th July: intro to effective altruism workshop

  • 9th July: applied rationality meetup

  • 11th July: community summer BBQ

  • 28th July: facilitated community co-working

  • 4th August: reading club meeting

  • Team retreat

Upcoming in August

  • 9th August: themed meetup 'Neuroscience, quo vadis?'

  • 11th August: facilitated community co-working

  • 18th August: trial presentation 'avoiding to pollute the well of common knowledge'

  • Management training by INSEAD professor

  • Summer holidays

Policy Research

  • Presented first peer reviewed paper at IC2S2 2019 in Amsterdam

  • Set publication date for research agenda for end of November

  • Defined plans to found a new organization to professionally continue our research

  • Good progress on the Research Agenda

  • Writing a post on Policy as a Cause Area

  • Further deepening literature review for prioritization paper

  • Drafted a pitch for the new organization

  • Guest researcher residency


  • Intro workshop improvements

  • Onboarding a new collaborator: Naomi Nederlof

  • EA Switzerland strategy

  • Meet our members section on the website

  • Community networking

  • 3 year vision for EA Geneva

  • Community building strategy discussions with other group leaders and CEA

  • Nora is becoming a CFAR instructor

  • Looking for people to take over large parts of Konrad's and Nora's roles

  • Continuing to explore local fundraising opportunities

  • Experimenting again with different CRMs (salesforce and EA Norway's custom system)

  • Exploring options for housing and office space (please get in touch if you have good leads)

  • Konrad to give talk at TEDxUniGeneva on 'avoiding to pollute the well of common knowledge'