February 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in February

  • A professionals' "Jefferson" dinner on "far future versus present day impact" with 14 participants
  • Applied rationality group launch with 12 participants from our core community
  • Themed meetup on the YouTube recommender system with ~25 participants
  • An advanced workshop with 7 participants
  • Launched a Global Catastrophic Risk Governance group with 5 master's students from the Graduate Institute
  • Career coached four people
  • Strategy event with EA Lausanne, successfully set up their semester's program and intro workshop
  • Published updated version of the Tactical Models for Improving Policy-Making on our blog
  • Launched our community networking database

Upcoming in March

  • Launch of a LessWrong Geneva meetup group
  • GCR Gov group meetings, e.g. with Kevin Kohler from HSG, to develop concrete project
  • Themed meetup on China's political economy
  • Advanced workshop
  • Intro to EA workshop
  • Collective intelligence trainings by Teryk Bellahsene
  • Applied rationality practice sessions
  • Announcements for grants, conferences & publications for our policy research


  • Researching a real case study for our ABM
  • Made good progress on programming ABM implementation
  • Applied to IC2S2 with the ABM
  • Applied to EA Meta Fund for our research agenda release
  • EA Long-Term Future Fund for set-up of further research
  • Conducted over a dozen research interviews with experts from academia and governmental organizations to inform our research agenda
  • Literature deep dives for research agenda on various topics, from Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis to Media and Public Opinion
  • Writing the prioritization in policy-making paper is advancing well
  • Developing a new entity to spin-off from EA Geneva and continue policy work with
  • Advised EU's Joint Research Centre on modelling options of their internal dynamics
  • Developed plan for serious games with the EU's JRC
  • Max submitted a book chapter as first author for the UMich's forthcoming volume on computational social science


  • Swiss Study Foundation EA day planning
  • Planning experiential education summer programme with EA Czechia
  • IT service and use optimization
  • Developed an extensive knowledge repository for career advice
  • Revisited our internal organization and communication decisions from summer 2018 and made sure we stay on track for a great team culture
  • Did the organisation's taxes
  • Successfully applied to Compétences Bénévoles for professional support with accounting and legal work
  • Shortened our intro workshop to 4h
  • Explored possible business models as funding sources
  • Most of us were on vacation for a week, plus a long weekend team trip to Milan