August 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in the last month

  • All team members went on vacation for 10+ days

  • 4th August: EA readings discussion

  • 9th August: themed meetup 'Neuroscience, quo vadis?'

  • 11th August: community coworking

  • 17th August: community BBQ

  • 10 career advice sessions

  • 10 community 1-on-1s

  • Finished financial management systems improvements with a consultant

  • Overhauled intro workshop

  • Successfully applied to grant for new employee


  • 10th September: applied rationality meetup

  • 12th September: AI safety dinner

  • 26th September: collective ABZ planning session

  • 27th-29th September: EA Switzerland retreat in Bern

  • Konrad in Oxford for strategy coordination residency

  • Nora in Prague for applied rationality instructor training

  • 8th October: applied rationality meetup

  • 9th October: intro to EA workshop

  • 14th-18th October: European EA community builders retreat

  • 18th-20th October: EA Global London conference

  • 25th October: themed meetup ‘clean energy innovation’