April 2019 - Monthly Review


  • April 4th, professionals dinner on political engagement
  • April 6th, intro workshop
  • April 9th, applied rationality practice
  • April 13th, quarterly EA Switzerland leaders meeting in Bern
  • April 13th, intro workshop in Bern
  • April 14th, EA Lausanne and Swiss Study Foundation EA day working session
  • April 18th, LessWrong meetup discussing the start of the rationality sequences
  • April 26th, meetup with 17 people on fundamentals of biology
  • April 27th, advanced workshop
  • April 28th, community hike
  • April 28th, get shit done coworking
  • First run through our community networking database resulted in
    • A half-day intro to meditation event
    • Many new discussion channels on mattermost
    • Career planning mentor & mentee pairing
    • More event ideas for the near future

Upcoming in May

  • May 7th: applied rationality practice
  • May 9th: collective intelligence training
  • May 11th: intro to EA day with the Swiss Study Foundation
  • May 17th: themed meetup with Olympe Peretz
  • May 18th: applied rationality workshop
  • May 26th: get shit done coworking

Policy research

  • Max started his civil service at the Geneva Science Policy Interface
  • Presented research to a Swiss government department to explore case study potential (rejected due to security concerns)
  • Made significant progress on the research agenda drafting process development
  • Took on a summer research analyst to help with research deep dives
  • Planned the first version of a simulation game for data collection on agent behaviour and/or actor training purposes
  • Deep dives on nudging; serious games; and business plans

Internal developments

  • Launched fundraising diversification strategy development
  • Designed an “ABZ career plan development” session to be run on May 28th
  • Multiple hour in-depth core team discussions on our collective strategy, complementary roles, future trajectories and failure modes
  • Onboarded and designed project trials for new contributors
  • CEA community building grant renewal (confirmed)