January 2019 - Monthly Review

Output in January

  • EA Forum post on tactical models to improve public policy-making
  • The Good Growth Co, a project co-founded by community member Oliver Bramford, got an EA grant to support the Center for Human-aligned AI in Berkeley
  • Henrik Aslund, AI safety researcher at the EPFL and EA Lausanne cofounder, is leaving us to work with the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford for six months
  • We held our General Assembly (minutes here) and elected a new board of directors - Prof. Dr. Samia Hurst replacing Olympe Peretz who is moving away this year
  • Updated this website with the "incubation", "get involved" sections and edits to other parts
  • Published our event planning for the first half of 2019
  • Ran an EA Switzerland meeting in Bern together with EA Lausanne, Bern, and Zurich - currently designing a common website to support smaller groups in starting out
  • Ran a well-received workshop for the Constructive Institute
  • Hosted an impressively successful "Fermi Quiz Night" as themed social at Foound
  • Ran the first session of our new applied rationality group with success - public sessions starting in April
  • Announced the launch of our Global Catastrophic Risk Governance Group on February 21st
  • Had promising strategy meetings with EA Lausanne, the EAE at UniGe, and a potential student initiative at the IHEID
  • Wrote up our annual report for 2018 and our plans for 2019

Upcoming in February

  • Jefferson dinner for professionals on February 7th
  • Global Catastrophic Risk Governance Group launch on Feb 21st
  • Themed meetup on "Why we should care more about YouTube's algorithms" at Foound on Feb 22nd
  • Advanced workshop on Feb 23rd
  • Launch of our community networking database


  • Writing up documentation on our advanced workshop to allow others to adapt the material to their needs
  • Evaluated our career coaching program, made some improvements and will continue coaching
  • Corresponded with other local groups and community leaders on workshop and coaching best practices
  • Planned upcoming events
  • Cleaned up our accounting backlog
  • Gave 6 career coachings
  • Started planning community building succession for Nora & Konrad
  • Worked on vision for applied rationality practice group
  • Had a board meeting to prepare the general assembly
  • Did a stoic week with (parts of) the team
  • Went on a ski weekend with the team
  • Dashed through annual operations tasks
  • Announced collective intelligence training sessions by SonarSource's people and culture gardener, Teryk Bellahsene for our key contributors
  • Planning an EA day with the Swiss Study Foundation on May 11th
  • In touch with a pro bono accountant to set straight our accounts and prepare for potential scaling
  • Met with the new assistant professor of the Edmond de Rothschild chair for behavioral philanthropy, Giuseppe Ugazio, at UniGe to develop further activity in the philanthropy sector
  • Corresponded with grantmaker on recurring bank transfer issues
  • Moved our CRM to Mailchimp as mvp solution
  • Ensured privacy protection by fully migrating all our data to Google Suite and enforcing 2-Factor-Authentication for all accounts
  • Made significant progress on developing plans for a staff-curated community database to facilitate people with similar interests finding each other in our growing community


  • Started conducting expert interviews to establish the research agenda of the future policy think tank we will spin off later this year
  • Progressed on the prioritization paper but kept getting sufficiently valuable input to push back publication
  • Kept adding onto plans for ABM implementation
  • Attended the speakers' dinner of the Constructive Journalism Conference and connected to UNO Geneva Director General Michael Moller for future collaboration
  • Developed research topics for the Effective Thesis project
  • Set up infrastructure from Freedcamp, to GDrive, to Gitlab, to Zotero, to Zoom
  • Reaching out to more interviewees