December 2018 - Monthly Review: 2018 wrap-up & holidays

Output in December

  • Advanced EA workshop (15th)
  • Themed meetup on spaced repetition systems (11th)
  • Board of directors meeting (6th)
  • Announcement of & invitation to GA in January
  • Vacations

Upcoming in January

  • Blogpost "Models to improve (our understanding of) policy-making"
  • EACH strategy meeting (5th)
  • EA Lausanne strategy meeting (15th)
  • Constructive Institute EA workshop (17th)
  • Themed meetup "Fermi Quiz Night" (25th)
  • Applied rationality practice group launch (26th)
  • General Assembly (30th)


  • Annual team & events planning
  • Working groups set up
  • Student group support planning
  • Applied rationality group set up
  • Themed socials call for contributions
  • Community network preparation
  • Career coaching followups
  • Policy research agenda interviews preparation
  • Mapped UNOG space
  • Editing submitted publication in correspondence with journal's feedback
  • Progress on policy work whitepaper
  • Common team career planning updates
  • Meeting Geneva Science Policy Interface to discover possible plan overlaps
  • CRM development
  • Reframing of EA Geneva's vision, mission, membership, board etc.