October 2018 - monthly review: workshops, writing, EA global


  • A three pager on policy work with lots of links to further documents we're developing

  • A post on complexity science for social sciences

  • EA Global London conference: presentation of our current work & lots of meetings to develop policy work

  • Attended & contributed to the EAE’s intro to seminar at UniGe

  • Meetup on "The pleasure to give - the warm glow effect" with Emma Tieffenbach

  • Intro workshop @ IHEID

  • Intro workshop @ C4SI

  • Meetup on "Predictive computing and the Bayesian brain" with Luigi Acerbi

  • Career seminar @ EPFL to help get their group started

  • Lots of career coaching sessions & community meetings, plus followups


  • Refining policy publications is taking a little more work due to strategy adaptations

  • A lot of event planning, preparation, promotion, debriefing & improvements

  • Planning for a workshop with the Swiss Study Foundation May 2019

  • Set up a better post event processing procedure

  • Lots of coordination meetings & calls with other orgs and internally

  • Had a grantee coaching call with CEA

  • Started internal applied rationality training, to open up incrementally in the future

  • Bank transfer issues for grant causing extra admin work

  • Making progress on posts on community building but prioritized events & policy work over the last weeks, reassessing the value of further write-ups

  • Met all board members on different occasions throughout the month

  • Got in touch with the UniGe's new Science Policy Interface

  • Max attended Enlightenment 2.0 workshop in Brussels

Upcoming in November

  • Taxonomy for policymaking research

  • Conceptual agent-based model of policymaking

  • Concrete application of the model

  • Piece on prioritization in policymaking

  • Advanced workshop

  • Meditation & action workshop

  • Intro workshop

  • Meetup on "Global states of consciousness" with Michael Schartner

  • Meetup on "Existential risk: the missing SDG?" with Oliver Bramford

  • A guided discussion on unconditional basic income with Cameron Schmidt

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