September 2018 - monthly review: a month of retreats


  • Supported the launch of EA Lausanne - if you're in Lausanne, join them!

  • We finished setting up our career coaching program - apply here!

  • We put out a new version of our website to be more representative of the work we have been getting ourselves into and the services we offer.

  • Applied to an EA grant for our policy work

  • We supported the student group at the University of Geneva to successfully launch their semester (with 16 new participants at their own intro seminar!).

  • We ran a first Jefferson Dinner with active professionals our community to discuss how to best support them in their support for EA (as a result, we are setting up a simple networking platform to help make more valuable connections).

  • We published an article on EA community building strategy based on our current model of the global network.

  • Themed meetup on cause prioritization on Monday 17th September

  • Konrad ran a session on cause prioritization at the EACH retreat and a session on our community funnel at the DACH EA retreat

  • Max gave two talks on complexity science and improving policy-making at the EACH retreat


  • We attended

    • the LessWrong community weekend in Berlin (Nora & Konrad)

    • the German speaking community leaders retreat in Berlin (Konrad)

    • the European community leaders retreat in Prague (Nora & JP)

    • the Swiss EA (EACH) retreat in Bern (Max, JP, Konrad)

    • the mentorship training by the Center for Applied Rationality in Prague (Nora)

  • We planned and debriefed all our retreat strategies

  • We ran a first quarterly meeting based on our new internal organisational structure

  • We had many productive team meetings and weekly 1-on-1s to improve our team performance

  • We had coordination calls with the CEA, EA Oxford, EA Sweden, EA Norway

  • We did a review of our budget & accounting to update the board members on our general situation

  • Assessed grant criteria and strategy implications to decide on community building goals (more coaching, workshops & regional coordination!)


  • We debriefed tests of our new advanced workshop and are now improving it for the first public run on November 10th

  • We are in the final stages of finishing a first version of our foundational thinking on improving public policy-making to launch a conversation and receive maximum input at EA Global London

  • We are wrapping up a publication on prioritization in policy-making after an extensive literature review (and will update the publication on-going-ly with new input)

  • A paper on a conceptual agent-based model of policy-making

  • A post on complexity science to explain our approach

  • We made progress on our preparation of the Mindfulness & Action workshop

  • A post on local community building strategy