About EA Geneva

After starting EA Geneva in late 2015, we had to learn to communicate and advance our mission. By the end of 2016, we knew that the region around Lake Geneva might be a key to improving world-improvement. Since mid-2017, we professionally develop models of that process, test our hypotheses, and improve our models.

We are a Swiss association by law and an open-minded, critical and caring organisation of people by fact. We aim to professionalise increasing degrees of our activity but exist only because of our dedicated contributors volunteering their time, knowledge, and/or money.

Annual Reports

Guiding Principles

Our activities are driven by the following principles:

Global Compassion

We believe that every human being has equal intrinsic value. Moreover, we believe that other animals’ lives have value too.


We strive to create the best possible outcomes. As our resources are limited, effectiveness is key to achieving as much as possible. This is not to say though that “the ends justify the means”; immoral methods tend to have uncontrollable side effects. And as it is hard to strike a balance, we focus on taking evidence- and reason-based action and critically evaluating results.


There are four important aspects to our openness:

  • Transparency: We believe we can have a greater impact by documenting and sharing our work, reasoning, results, challenges, and mistakes.
  • Cause-neutrality: Instead of working on a predefined cause, we aim to engage with and support the most promising causes at any given point in time.
  • Intellectual humility: As our insights are likely to be limited, we seek to actively expose our reasoning and doubts.
  • Collaboration: We think that great results come from dedicated groups with a thoughtful culture and foster such an environment.