Through its work, EA Geneva aims to:

  • Demonstrate the value of optimising (i) cause-prioritisation; (ii) choice of intervention; and (iii) project execution by producing concrete outcomes;

  • Contribute to the existing body of knowledge on effective world-improvement by documenting its learnings;

  • Establish an independent hub anchoring and enriching the global EA community; and

  • Encourage local organisations to learn about and employ more effective methods and tools to maximise their impact.


Its work is guided by the following core principles:

  1. Commitment to others

    • Global compassion: consideration of the well-being of all sentient beings.

    • Consequentialism: striving to act to the biggest benefit of all.

  2. Scientific mindset: acting based on the best available evidence and reasoning.

    • Intellectual humility: evaluation of one’s own logic, action and results and serious consideration of other perspectives.

    • Cause-impartiality: ensuring work on the most pressing problems by regular re-evaluation.

    • Transparency: documenting all work and openly sharing reasonings, results, challenges, and mistakes.

    • Integrity: striving for honesty and consistency to build the trust and standards communities need to thrive.

  3. Collaborative spirit: great results come from many scientifically operating groups meaningfully exchanging their perspectives and insights. To encourage cooperation, treat everyone kindly and respectfully.

Annual Reports