Bridging Evidence And Action


Effective Altruism (EA)

EA is a social and philosophical movement that uses evidence and reason to improve the world.

Intellectual modesty, critical thinking and empathy are among the core values of this interdisciplinary approach to addressing the world's biggest and most complex problems.

By researching and helping implement effective solutions to the most serious issues, EA sets clear priorities to better distribute our limited time and resources.
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As a hub for international organisations and businesses, Geneva provides a strong network of extraordinary and caring people.

Geneva is full of people who have above average resources: be it idealism, knowledge, money, time, and opportunities.

By connecting local intelligence, spreading knowledge, and translating it into action, EA Geneva provides new perspectives and opportunities to make a real difference.
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EA Geneva is a dynamic group of intelligent people full of innovative ideas and the right energy to put them into practice. With the EA movement, Geneva has won a new, creative and open platform of exchange which promises to bring together people from different backgrounds. I am very much looking forward to developing a strong, interactive community of world citizens that push forward solutions for today’s problems and a better tomorrow.
— Dr. Ekkehard Ernst | Chief Macroeconomist, International Labour Organisation

What we do


80'000 Hours Geneva

On average, a career comprises of 80'000 hours. That's a lot of time that we can use to actively change the world for the better. The Oxford based organisation 80'000 Hours researches how we should think about exactly that time and what we can do with it, given that we want to improve the world. Based on their research and with their support, we organise workshops and talks, offer career consulting, discuss related questions and help each other plan for more impact.

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Write us at 80k@eageneva.org!


Office EA

Whether employee or boss, you can hasten the betterment of the world by influencing your organisations corporate social responsibility initiatives, organising internal events and much more. The effective altruism movement put together resources on how to do this and we keep adding onto it. We have the support network and knowledge to help you get started and are also happy to learn new things.

Interested in promoting EA at your company? Want to talk to us?
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Geneva Macro Labs

Global trends and their interdependencies might be hard to analyse for anyone, but this is exactly what we must affront to further advance society. The Lake Geneva area provides the necessary leverage to unite experts, professionals, thinkers and makers to develop and accelerate solutions to the challenges that our world is facing. The GeM Labs foster trans-disciplinary contributions to build a permanent platform of interdisciplinary, intellectual collaboration for Lake Geneva’s unique collective intelligence:

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Sentience Politics geneva

The question, “Who deserves empathy and moral concern?” is central for us. We think it’s one of the most important questions for effective action, and generally. Unfortunately, history has too many cases where entire populations were dismissed, mistreated and deprived of basic rights for reasons that fit the conventional wisdom of the time but today look indefensible. We are working hard to extend empathy to everyone it should be extended to, even when when it is unusual or seems strange to do so.

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Francophone ea

Diversity is vital to a healthy movement, but that is easier said than achieved. Language is a significant barrier to movement diversity; to encourage integration, we work with groups in Paris, Lyon and Brussels.

  • We translate important publications to make them accessible to a broader audience.
  • We organise events in French, from social meet-ups to the first official French EAGx conference.
  • We help to set up local groups and chapters.
  • We help to create French media content.

Interested in contributing? Want to talk to us?
Write us at francophone@eageneva.org!



It is crucial to foster a supportive community - staying on track requires a lot of motivation, advice, constructive criticism and psychologically safe spaces. Geneva has become such a place for a community of aspiring effective altruists and we aim to make it even better.

  • We organise debate nights, pot lucks, film screenings and other social events.
  • Once a month we come together and work on our EA projects, get feedback and help each other progress.
  • We also are the local Giving What We Can community.
  • We are working on a series of posts to present the community on our blog.


We are looking for contributors for our own projects to gain further traction and are setting up a project with Switzerland's only GiveWell recommended charity, GAIN, to allow volunteers to have global impact through their local direct work.


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Our next events:

The Effective Altruism movement is one of the most promising, observable phenomena of our times. The organisation “EA Geneva” established it in the Swiss Romandie and hence also contributes to its introduction to the French speaking world. This is an important development that must be encouraged.
— Dr. Samia Hurst | Professor, Biomedical ethics | Director, IEH2, University of Geneva


Maxime Stauffer Co-President

Maxime Stauffer

Konrad Seifert Co-President

Konrad Seifert

Nora Amman 80000 Hours

Nora Amman
80000 Hours

Neigeline Rivollat French EA

Neigeline Rivollat
French EA


Contributing members

  • Arielle Hirschi | Francophone Writer
  • Jan Pieter Snoeij | Development Economist
  • Cameron Schmidt | Scientific Communication
  • Olivier Leutke | Entrepreneur
  • Jela Ali | Sentience Politics Geneva
  • Matthieu Vétois | Researcher, CISA
  • Janique Behman | Theologian
  • Olympe Peretz | Marketing specialist
  • Lee Sharkey | Global health specialist

A philosophy and a movement - a toolkit for impact. Aspiring effective altruists seek to answer one not-so-simple question:

How can we use our limited resources to have the biggest possible positive impact on the world?

Rather than simply doing what intuitively feels right, we evaluate and act on the most promising causes, continuously adapting our activities to new evidence.


Anyone can imagine a better world, but changing things for the better requires the right tools and know-how. But be it time, money or other - our resources are limited. To really improve things, we have to prioritise thoroughly.


We need to understand our world as deeply as possible to make the most of our limited resources. Thus, EA uses critical thinking, probabilistic reasoning and scientific research to improve that understanding.


Anyone who wants to do the most good they can. Some run local meet-up groups, others founded organisations. All of them know there's a lot to learn, and try to improve their own actions and understanding one step at a time.

Check out what we do in Geneva and have a look at our partner organisations to learn more about the movement:

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