Effective Altruism Geneva (EA Geneva) is a nonprofit organisation created to find meaningful answers to the following question:

How can aspiring effective altruists in Geneva use their resources to help others the most?

EA Geneva builds on and contributes to the work of the global Effective Altruism (EA) community. The nonprofit focuses on:


Building a local community approaching its guiding question scientifically. It does so by providing the infrastructure (spaces, resources and advice) necessary for individuals with high impact potential to learn and grow effectively.



Effective altruism is a research field which uses high-quality evidence and careful reasoning to work out how to help others as much as possible. It is also a community of people taking these answers seriously, focusing their efforts on the most promising solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.
— www.effectivealtruism.org


EA Geneva aims to:

  • Demonstrate the value of optimising (i) cause-prioritisation; (ii) choice of intervention; and (iii) project execution by producing concrete outcomes;

  • Contribute to the existing body of knowledge on effective world-improvement by documenting its learnings;

  • Establish an independent hub anchoring and enriching the global EA community; and

  • Encourage local organisations to learn about and employ more effective methods and tools to maximise their impact.


Want to learn more in person?

EA Geneva is a dynamic group of intelligent people full of innovative ideas and the right energy to put them into practice. With the EA community, Geneva has won a new, creative and open platform of exchange which promises to push forward solutions for a better tomorrow.
— Dr. Ekkehard Ernst | Chief Macroeconomist, International Labour Organisation

What we do


Workshops & PEER-Mentoring

We offer a range of opportunities for individual growth to newcomers and experienced world-improvers alike:

  • Introduction to Effective Altruism Workshop;

  • Technical Concepts for Effective Altruism Workshop;

  • Career & Applied Rationality Mentoring;

  • Advice on productivity, happiness, and more.



We collectively educate ourselves and share insights with our partners through:

  • Working groups researching specific subjects (e.g. on policymaking or existential risks); and

  • Collaborations (e.g. with the Centre for Effective Altruism; and the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy).


COMMUNITY building

We coordinate services and activities to foster the local community's relevance:

  • Working space (in a community house 10min from the station);

  • Educational resources (link repositories, audio-, and (e-)books);

  • Sub-communities (e.g. students, professionals, philanthropy); and

  • A variety of social gatherings (e.g. self-improvement retreats, discussion dinners, game nights, knowledge sharing sessions).

The Effective Altruism community is one of the most promising, observable phenomena of our times. EA Geneva established it in the Swiss Romandie and hence also contributes to its introduction to the French speaking world. This is an important development that must be encouraged.
— Dr. Samia Hurst | Professor, Biomedical ethics | Director, IEH2, University of Geneva

EA is a toolkit for impact. For maximal coherence with our values, we evaluate and act on the most promising causes, continuously adapting to new evidence.



Our resources are limited; to sustainably improve things, we have to prioritise and evaluate thoroughly. Changing things for the better requires good tools and know-how.


We ought to be good judges to make the most of our limited resources. Thus, we advocate critical thinking, probabilistic reasoning, and scientific evidence to improve our capacities.


Anyone who wants to do more good. Some plan out their donation strategy, others found entire organisations. All of us try to simply improve our actions and understanding one step at a time.

Have a look at our partner organisations to learn more about the network we're a part of: