EA Geneva's mission is to improve the prospects of a flourishing civilisation. Its main strategy is to foster the use of evidence- and reason-based methods.


Effective Altruism (EA)

In 2015, our organisation sprang out of the global Effective Altruism movement. Founded in Oxford in 2011, the movement attempts to answer the following question:

How can we use our limited resources to do the most good?

To find viable answers, the movement develops expertise in the application of logical reasoning and the scientific method. The outcome is a general methodology to attempt to improve current practices.



EA Geneva’s work is defined as follows:

  • We help individuals, the philanthropy sector, and the policy sector

  • to maximise their global impact,

  • through research, education and support efforts,

  • using the tools of applied rationality, cause prioritisation and complexity science.


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EA Geneva is a dynamic group of intelligent people full of innovative ideas and the right energy to put them into practice. With the EA movement, Geneva has won a new, creative and open platform of exchange which promises to push forward solutions for today’s problems and a better tomorrow.
— Dr. Ekkehard Ernst | Chief Macroeconomist, International Labour Organisation

What we do


POLICY Research & Strategy

We conduct research on policymaking processes, advised by the University of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute and in coordination with the EU commission. We sensitise key audiences to the notions and necessity of evidence and reason. We educate relevant stakeholders on crucial strategic considerations through workshops.


Philanthropy Advisory

We develop, implement and promote methods for impact-oriented donors and grantmakers in collaboration with the University of Geneva's Centre for Philanthropy. We advise high net worth individuals on their giving strategy.



Aspiring effective altruists need a support network that helps to strike the right balance between self-care and world-improvement. We offer mentoring, provide working and living space, organise social events, seminars and workshops, and coordinate the regional community.

The Effective Altruism movement is one of the most promising, observable phenomena of our times. EA Geneva established it in the Swiss Romandie and hence also contributes to its introduction to the French speaking world. This is an important development that must be encouraged.
— Dr. Samia Hurst | Professor, Biomedical ethics | Director, IEH2, University of Geneva

EA is a toolkit for impact. Aspiring effective altruists seek to answer one, not-so-simple question:

How can we use our limited resources to do the most good?

Rather than just doing what intuitively feels right, we evaluate and act on the most promising causes, continuously adapting to new evidence.


Changing things for the better requires the right tools and know-how. Further, our resources are limited. To sustainably improve things, we have to prioritise and evaluate thoroughly.


We ought to be good judges to make the most of our limited resources. Thus, we advocate critical thinking, probabilistic reasoning, and scientific evidence to improve our capacities.


Anyone who wants to do more good. Some plan out their donation strategy, others found entire organisations. All of us try to simply improve our actions and understanding one step at a time.

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