Fostering a community of aspiring effective altruists working to anchor evidence-based strategies for more effective world-improvement in Geneva and beyond.


Effective Altruism (EA)

A social movement that advocates using evidence and reason to figure out how we can do the most good.


A resourceful and motivated community at the heart of international coordination to improve the world.

EA Geneva is a dynamic group of intelligent people full of innovative ideas and the right energy to put them into practice. With the EA movement, Geneva has won a new, creative and open platform of exchange which promises to push forward solutions for today’s problems and a better tomorrow.
— Dr. Ekkehard Ernst | Chief Macroeconomist, International Labour Organisation

What we do


POLICY Strategy: Geneva Macro Labs

Developing and accelerating solutions to the world's biggest problems requires expertise, evidence, and reason. We leverage Geneva's collective intelligence and pair it with cutting-edge research to develop best practices for evidence-based policy and prioritisation within the international community.

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High impact career planning

On average, a career comprises 80'000 hours. We help you make the most out of it.

With research from Oxford, years of experience, and a unique perspective, we help people like you to maximise their social impact and life satisfaction.

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Giving is not just a matter of the heart. It's a decision, and decisions need thought. We inform your decisions, so that you can continue to give more, more confidently.

Whether it's your personal or your organisation's donations, we bring the necessary tools to the table to make your money create future-proof impact.


Community building

Effective Altruism can seem demanding. Aspiring effective altruists, thus, need a supportive community that helps to strike the right balance.

We offer co-working space, organise social events to relax, organise seminars and workshops to expand our knowledge, and maintain a network of local supporters.

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We are working on more projects, more content, more events. That is only possible because awesome people, like you, keep deciding to become active contributors. If you think Effective Altruism sounds like the right thing to do, and if a community of people wanting to genuinely do the most good sounds like your kind of fun:


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The Effective Altruism movement is one of the most promising, observable phenomena of our times. The organisation “EA Geneva” established it in the Swiss Romandie and hence also contributes to its introduction to the French speaking world. This is an important development that must be encouraged.
— Dr. Samia Hurst | Professor, Biomedical ethics | Director, IEH2, University of Geneva


Maxime Stauffer CSO

Maxime Stauffer

Konrad Seifert CEO

Konrad Seifert


Contributing Members

  • Nora Ammann
  • Cameron Schmidt
  • Olivier Leutke
  • Oliver Bramford
  • Igor Krawczuk
  • Janique Behman
  • Jan Pieter Snoeij
  • Priya Mohana Selvamani
  • Julie Charef
  • Olympe Peretz

EA is a toolkit for impact. Aspiring effective altruists seek to answer one, not-so-simple question:

How can we use our limited resources to do the most good?

Rather than just doing what intuitively feels right, we evaluate and act on the most promising causes, continuously adapting to new evidence.


Changing things for the better requires the right tools and know-how. Further, our resources are limited. To sustainably improve things, we have to prioritise and evaluate thoroughly.


We ought to be good judges to make the most of our limited resources. Thus, we advocate critical thinking, probabilistic reasoning, and scientific evidence to improve our capacities.


Anyone who wants to do more good. Some plan out their donation strategy, others found entire organisations. All of us try to simply improve our actions and understanding one step at a time.

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