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Effective Altruism (EA)

EA is a social and philosophical movement that uses evidence and reason to improve the world.

Intellectual modesty, critical thinking and empathy are among the core values of this interdisciplinary approach to addressing the world's biggest and most complex problems.

By researching and helping implement effective solutions to the most serious issues, EA sets clear priorities to better distribute our limited time and resources.
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As a hub for international organisations and businesses, Geneva provides a strong network of extraordinary and caring people.

Geneva is full of people who have above average resources: be it idealism, knowledge, money, time, and opportunities.

By connecting local intelligence, spreading knowledge, and translating it into action, EA Geneva provides new perspectives and opportunities to make a real difference.
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EA Geneva, a very new initiative, comes at an important time in the development sector when we need more effective causes vetted and identified – even in the Geneva area – and more ‘effective altruists’ to get involved.
— Greg S. Garett | Director of Food Fortification, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

EA in Geneva


1. Knowledge


We collaborate with renowned institutions from around the globe to develop better ways to make this world a better place. Adding to knowledge together and sharing our insights is a key part of our mission.

2. Education


Being aware of facts and tools is not always enough: we need to apply knowledge to realise its real-world benefits. Our projects translate important insights from the EA movement into practical applications.

3. Politics

A key factor to long-term impact is popularising crucial considerations. Swiss democracy permits effective participation in public discourse and, with Geneva's unique position, influences global politics.

The Effective Altruism movement is one of the most promising, observable phenomena of our times. The organisation “EA Geneva” established it in the Swiss Romandie and hence also contributes to its introduction to the French speaking world. This is an important development that must be encouraged.
— Dr. Samia Hurst | Professor, Biomedical ethics | Director, IEH2, University of Geneva